Australian artist Ben Frost is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photo-realism and sign-writing.
By subverting mainstream iconography from the worlds of advertising, entertainment and politics, he creates a visual framework that is bold, confronting and often controversial.

He has been exhibiting throughout Australia and internationally over the last 15 years, including solo shows in London, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Miami, Torino, Thailand and San Francisco, as well as group shows in Beijing, Mongolia, Amsterdam, Berlin and throughout the USA.
His work has been featured on the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and countless newspaper and magazine articles.

He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

- Scope Art Fair, Miami. Dec 2018
Chin’s Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. June 2018
FROST VS. PENNY - Scope New York, Krause Gallery, March 2018
- Scope Art Fair. Miami.  Dec 2017
SKIP A.D.  - Stolen Space Gallery, London.  July 2017
NEW WORK - Krause Gallery, New York, USA. March 2017
TAKE ONLY AS DIRECTED - Aqua Art Fair, Miami Art Basel, USA.  Dec 2016
BRAND X - Soze Gallery, Los Angeles, USA. July 2016
SPOON FULL OF SUGAR - Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria. March 2016
JUST ONE FIX - Aqua Art Fair, Miami Art Basel, USA.  Dec 2015
THE NEW POLLUTION - Stolen Space Gallery, London.  July 2015
THE END OF INNOCENCE  Krause Gallery, New York, USA. May 2015
BEN FROST VS. GALO (With Galo) - Galo Gallery, Torino, Italy.  November 2014
SUPERMARKET SWEEP - No Walls Gallery, Brighton, UK.  August 2014
KNOW YOUR PRODUCT - Soze Gallery, Los Angeles, USA. June 2014
DURABILITY (with COPE2) - Krause Gallery, New York, USA. March 2014
THE PERFECT DRUG - Kult Gallery, Singapore.  2013
SERVING SUGGESTION - DTM Gallery, Toronto, Canada.  2012
SEE INSIDE BOX FOR DETAILS - Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, USA.  2012
GIGGLE ON THE STRETCHER - Blank Space, Sydney.  2011
THE ART OF NOISE, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney.  2010
CONFESSIONS OF A MODEL CITIZEN, Gorker Gallery, Melbourne.  2010
PLAGUE LANDSCAPES, Brooklynite Gallery, New York.  2009
LOST IN THE SUPERMARKET, Boutwell Draper, Sydney.  2009
CRAPITALISM, No Walls Gallery, Truman Brewery, London, UK.  2008
POOR PAINTINGS FOR RICH PEOPLE, Opus Gallery, Newcastle, UK.  2008
SPOON FULL OF SUGAR, Wasteland Gallery, Perth.  2007
AT YOUR CONVNIENCE, Stussy Walls, San Francisco.  2007
DAWN OF THE DEAD, Autopsy Gallery, Melbourne.  2007
DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, The Arm Gallery, New York.  2006
NEW GODS, Blank Space, Sydney.  2006
KMART AFTER DARK, Black Lab Gallery, Brisbane.  2006
RAINBOWS END, Helen Gory Gallery, Melbourne.  2005
AS SEEN ON TV, Blank Space, Surry Hills, Sydney.  2005
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, Savage, Darlinghurst, Sydney.  2003
GENTLEMAN TAKE POLAROIDS, Croft Institute, Chinatown, Melbourne.  2003
STUMBLE THEN RISE ON SOME AWKWARD MORNING, Farmspace, George St, Brisbane.  2003
WESTWORLD, Gamma Space, Flinders Lane, Melbourne.  2002
DEGENERATE, Revolver, Prahran, Melbourne.  2001
BEN FROST IS DEAD, Modus Studios, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.  2000

PASTEMODERNISM 4 - Ambush Gallery, Sydney. November, 2015
BLANK GENERATION - Blank Space, Sydney.  August, 2015
PAPER JAM - Vertical Gallery, Chicago.  April 2014.
PASTEMODERNISM 3 - Outpost Street Art Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney. 2011
PASTEMODERNISM 2 - Lo-Fi, Sydney. 2010
KIDS TODAY, MTV Gallery, Sydney.  2008
PASTEMODERNISM - Hibernan House, Sydney. 2008
CHART TOPPING MACHINE, Blank Space, Surry Hills, Sydney.  2005

SENSORY OVERLOAD, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles.  2017
LAX / DTW : DETROIT HUSTLE II, Inner State Gallery, Detroit.  2017
POP THE STREETS, Saatchi & Saatchi, London.  2015
PRODUCT DISPLACEMENT, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles.  2015
PROJECT M/5, Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany.  2014
SECOND CHANCE, Vertical Gallery, Chicago.  2013
COMPANY OF THIEVES, with Denial, Inner State Gallery, Detroit.  2012
YOUNG AND FREE, 941 GEARY ST, San Francisco. 2011
NEW PSYCHEDELIA, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane.  2011
THE NEW FIELD, Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne.  2011
ETCC, Ambush Gallery, Sydney.  2010
TIGER TRANSLATE, Mongolia. 2010
PICTOPLASMA, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany.  2009
IDENTITY CRISIS, Shiv Gallery, London, UK.  2009
DEVIL DOG ART SHOW, Showroom Gallery, New York, USA.  2009
LONDON ART FAIR, Business Design Center, London, UK.  2008
KOUNTER KULTURE ART FAIR, Truman Brewery, London, UK.  2008
UTTERLY URBAN ART, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London, UK.  2008
SOMEDAYZ, Michael Koro Gallery, Melbourne.  2008
SIDEWAYZ, MTV Gallery, Sydney.  2008
LETS PLAY UNTIL WE BREAK SOMETHING, Studio Apart, Amsterdam.  2007
THAT'S ALL FOLKS!, Cosh Gallery, London, UK.  2007
TIGER TRANSLATE, 798 Space, Beijing, China.  2007
ALL STAR HUSTLAZ II, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA.  2007
12 X 12, Ambush Gallery, Sydney.  2007
INDEFINABLE CITIES, Airspace Gallery, Stoke On Trent, UK.  2007
ALL STAR HUSTLAZ, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA.  2006
DUCK FEVER, Mercadodelborne, Barcelona, Spain.  2006
SOLD OUT, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA.  2006
PEARL, Dantes Gallery, Gertrude St, Melbourne.  2005
MISSING THINGS TOMORROW, Swanston St, Melbourne.  2005
INTERNATIONAL UNDERGROUND, Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.  2004
TRASH DANDY, Ef Gallery, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.  2004
THOUGHTCRIMEZ, Antenna Gallery, Toronto Canada.  2004
UGLY FAUX, Citylights, Melbourne.  2003
WHITE LIES BENEATH, Helen Gory Gallerie, Melbourne.  2003
BIRDS OF A FEATHER, Gallery Wren, Sydney.  2003
THE EMPTY SHOW, Williamstown, Melbourne.  2003
PRIMAVERA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. 2002
PRODUCT, Span Galleries, Melbourne.  2002
MONEY SHOT, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide.  2002
COLOSSUS, Institute of Modern Art, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.  2000

1996 – Bachelor of Fine Art, Griffith University, QCA, Brisbane

1998     Winner Painting Category, Churchie Exhibition of Emerging Art
1997     Winner Painting Category, Churchie Exhibition of Emerging Art
             Highly Commended, Artistcare Drawing Prize
1996     Karl & Gertrude Langer Memorial Award for Highest Overall Score, Qld College of Art